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Published: March 17th, 2005

H.V.D. Parunak has updated his previous review on Bible study software for Windows. Like the original one, it was also published in JETS late last year. Now, an enlarged version (PDF) of this new review is available here. He focuses on LDLS 2.1a (with Scholar’s Library) and BibleWorks 6.0.011a. Part of his concluding summary reads thus:

The latest revisions have made two powerful software packages even more useful. The changes are clearly in the direction of moving each package toward the other’s main strengths. Lib (Libronix DLS), the leader in
general-purpose digital library functionality, has strengthened its tools for searching the biblical text, in support of detailed exegetical study, while BWk (BibleWorks), the leader in exegetical searching, has integrated a number of collateral resources most likely to be of interest to the exegete. Still, each tool remains dominant in its original area.

Also, the Summer 2004 edition of Emmaus Journal, (pp. 168-171), carried a review of the latest incarnation of Logos’ Scholar’s Library [Scholar's Library Silver Edition (QB)], which can be read here. Rather than writing a “standard” review, Sean T. Lillis presents a number of scenarios where this product could provide a valuable service
to different kinds of users.

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