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Community Pricing Program

Logos has been running a Pre-Publication Specials program for quite some time. A new pre-pub program, called Community Pricing, has now been launched. In their own words:

If it costs $4,000 to produce an electronic edition of a book, the costs can be covered by 4 people paying $1,000 each or by 1,000 people paying $4 each. The more likely scenario, though, is that no one wants to pay $1,000 and there aren't 1,000 people interested in the title, even at $4. But there may be 200 people who would pay $20 each.

Community Pricing is about finding the lowest price that covers the production costs.

This means that through this kind of bidding auction users of the Libronix DLS can actually get involved in the decision-making process of what gets published and at what price. According to the company, this program is specifically intended for public domain and out-of-print works. Current bids can be found here.

Incidentally, there are RSS feeds available for both of these pre-publication programs.


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