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Blogging Perils?

I do read David Black's blog, although there is still no RSS feed available. This means I have to check the site regularly rather than read it via Bloglines. Still, I find it's worth the bother.

Anyway, the thing is that yesterday morning he pointed to an interesting blog article on The Spiritual Perils of Blogging. In it, David W. Opderbeck talks about what he considers the "key problem areas for Christian bloggers", i.e.,

Self Aggrandizement
Argumentativeness / Competitiveness
Substituting / Neglecting Physical Community
Disaggregating Theory and Praxis
Ghettoizing Dissenting Voices
Confusing Popularity with Substance
Reverting to the Mean

I think he's only developed the first item so far, but I could not avoid thinking how much of what he says is relevant to bibliobloggers in general (and me in particular). Hmm... food for thought.


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