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It's Been Quiet Lately

I haven't been able to blog on a more regular basis in the last few weeks. I'm in the middle of one of those seasons when blogging hasn't been easy. As far as I can tell, it happens to other fellow bibliobloggers too every now and again. So, not to worry!

Contrary to popular opinion, blogging is a LOT of work. Also, the way I see it, I'm not willing to blog unless I have something to say. Truth is, much though I like writing, sometimes I don't have anything to say at all. But the main reason is basically lack of time. I am so overwhelmed by a growing to-do list that things are getting out of hand. It may sound as a poor excuse, but I can't think of anything else more original to say :-)

It did cross my mind to quit, but that was only a moment of weakness. It is true that maintaining this website/blog is costing me money, and a lot more time than I can spare. However, I believe it has its place and needs to continue. In the past I also thought about getting more people involved in reviewing, writing, etc., but the fact is that everybody I can think of seems to be too busy. Also, if I weren't a perfectionist, I could write more popular, shallow reviews, and post them sooner, but I cannot get myself to do that. Software developers deserve to have their products reviewed in depth, and that, my friends, takes time (among other things).

BSR is a non-profit endeavor, and I would starve to death if I were to dedicate more hours to it that what I am already doing. I am very pleased to see that many companies want to have their software reviewed here. I am doing my best to do so within a reasonable time frame, but I have reached a point where I can't keep up with everything. It is very frustrating, both for developers and for myself, to see that by the time a review is ready, the program has been upgraded and a number of remarks are no longer relevant. It's happened before that I have needed a new review copy because I haven't managed to write a review of the earlier version. Most people understand that; others don't. Well, too bad!

What can I do then in view of this situation? I'm afraid I have no magical wand. If you want to see your product reviewed, please be patient. If you want to read a review and it doesn't get posted, please bear with me (or check out other sites). If you can help in any way, please get in touch. If you have any brilliant idea (okay, simply an idea will do), email me. If you have a good job offer for me... (oops! ;-))

I will try to catch up on the reviews I have already started with (at least four of them), and turn to many other CDs and things sitting in the "waiting room." By the very nature of software there's always bound to be a queue. Mix that with a perfectionist (that's me!), and there you have an explosive cocktail.

If you are still here, thanks for reading this piece. At least now you know a little bit more about what's going on behind the scenes of this blog and the website. Have a nice day!

UPDATE (February 8): I enjoyed reading Mark Goodacre's sensible and balanced comments on this matter. Thank you, Mark.


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