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Firefox is er...Good

Many people had said so already (Sean Boisen, Peter Kirby, and Eric Sowell, among others). I have now tried it myself, and it's been (sort of) love at first sight. Much, much better than IE. I like its simplicity and speed, and the way it handles unicode. Got a few extensions, a few themes, and enjoyed myself. And, of course, tried the SuperBibleToolbar. There are lots of things that can be done to customize it (e.g., see what Sean Boisen did). Unquestionably my default browser from now on (on a PC, that is).

For Mac users there is an interesting article comparing Firefox and Safari (thanks to Leonard Durrenberger for the heads-up). Tough decision!

Update (December 14): One of the cool things about Firefox is the ability to write keywords instead of full URLs. I am happy to see that if you type "bsreview" (without the quotes), it'll take you to Bible Software Review. Great!


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