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You've Got an Email

Yes, I mean you :-). I've always made a point of answering most of the emails I receive within 24-48 hours, unless there is some good reason not to do it. I usually live up to this self-imposed rule. So, if you don't hear from me within this timeframe, chances are that your email never reached me. That is, unless you want to sell me a pseudo-Rolex, some blue pills, and the like ;-)

Why do I say this? Simply because I constantly find people who don't seem to take emails very seriously. This is particularly sad when we are talking about companies, tech support departments, and so forth. I don't expect everyone to follow "Ruben's rule", but it sure is nice when you get your electronic mails answered in a timely manner.

Sometimes I am asked why doesn't such and such a person, or such and such a program, appear on Bible Software Review. Well, many reviews are in the pipeline, while other may be delayed for various reasons. But in some other cases, I simply do not get my emails answered! I can take a "no" for an answer, but it is disappointing to feel you're being ignored...

I can't think of any good reason why Bible software developers would not want to have their products reviewed and mentioned here at BSR. So, all I can imagine is that either my messages got lost somewhere in cyberspace, or else they don't pay much attention to emails.

So, please, next time you receive an email (at least from me!), be kind enough to answer it at your earliest convenience. Preferably this side of eternity... Thanks!


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