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Who's Reading this Blog?

Out of curiosity, over the past few days I have been looking at the different site tracking sections made freely available by Sitemeter, to see if I could find a pattern for the average reader of this weblog. To be sure, my random analysis has no statistical value whatsoever, but looking at the time zones, organization, OS, and browser share, I reach the following (tentative) conclusions:

1) The readership is very diverse. We get visitors from all over the world. Not very many from Africa or Asia, for example, but nevertheless those two continents are also represented. Of course, there are many visits that are only tracked as an IP address, and others that fall under the generic umbrella of .net, .com, .edu, etc. (I told you the results were to be taken with a grain of salt!)

2) The time zone that takes the lead is almost always EST (Eastern Standard Time), followed by CST (Central Standard Time), CET (Central European Time), and WET/GMT (i.e., Western European Standard Time/Greenwich Mean Time). But again, there's people from all over the place.

3) Most visitors (slightly over 50%) use Windows XP, while over 20% are running Mac OS X. There are also Linux users out there.

4) Internet Explorer continues to be the most widely used browser, but we've seen a noticeable increase in the number of Firefox users lately (currently around 17%), and of course Safari is well represented too (about 18%). I wonder if other bibliobloggers have noticed an increase in Firefox and Mozilla users too.

I'm sorry I cannot be more specific. Since this is not a commercial site, I see no need to upgrade to a paid account. All I know, and this is what really matters, is that we are reaching a good number of people. We don't know who you are (no need to worry about your privacy, not here :-)), but we are delighted you dropped by!


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