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Project Watch: Into the New Testament

Yesterday, Charlie Gibson posted some information to the Pedagogy & Technology Group regarding Into the New Testament, "a web-based curriculum to teach ten exegetical skills and assist students to engage questions about what -- and how -- the Bible means."

This project, still unfinished, is being developed by Mary Hinkle Shore, New Testament professor at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota (see her blog here).It is a free-standing curriculum that can be followed by a whole class or individually. This is basically a course on Exegesis, introduced as reading skills, where "Activities require the use of a study Bible and reference books (e. g., lexicon and concordance) or equivalent software tools". The project has its own website.

Despite the fact that there are still a good number of placeholders in menus and links, I think the layout and content are good and visually appealing. Just another example of how useful the World Wide Web can be for both teachers and students. All in all, a good way to get people into the fascinating world of studying the New Testament, and another project worth keeping an eye on.


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