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PDAs in Church or Class

A comment by Reinout van Rees on my previous entry (thank you, Reinout!) got me thinking about all the different things one can do in church, Bible study, or Hebrew Prophecy class with a handheld device. Suggestions are welcome!

Reinout says he takes notes during the sermon - presumably he is not the preacher ;-). I don't know how extensive his notes are, but I find it difficult to imagine myself doing it, particularly with the virtual keyboard...

Then, there's the obvious use for Bible reading and occasional searches, as well as for checking some cross references or resources (dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, maps, and the like).

Another interesting thing to do is use the PDA as a recorder. It is even possible to tape the sermon or lecture directly in mp3 format (with third-party software), which is quite cool. The downside is that you can't take notes or look up references at the same time...

If you can help make this short, but significant, list grow, feel free to add your comments. Please let's stick to things relevant to church and class :-)

Update (a few hours later): Check out Reinout's interesting comments on his blog. Now, if I could only read those Dutch sermon notes...


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