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Exegetical Software in the Classroom

Further to my post on the recent SBL Panel Discussion, I thought it would be good to link to some reports from people who have effectively used Bible software in a classroom setting.

Rodney J. Decker has made available online his presentation at the above mentioned panel discussion, as well as the accompanying PowerPoint slides. He uses Accordance in a "Mac-hostile" (my words) environment.

A.Thomas Kraabel also wrote a few years ago about Learning Greek with Accordance.

Another Greek instructor, Steve Runge, has an interesting piece on Using Libronix as a Teaching Aid in Introductory Greek Courses.

On the Hebrew side, C. H. J. van der Merwe writes on Rethinking Hebrew Instruction, where he tells of his experience with Logos Bible Software.

Over at the Pedagogy & Technology Group there is a file from Philip Brown in which he shares some notes that show the kind of activities his students are required to perform using BibleWorks in a Greek class. Unless I am mistaken, the file is only available to members of the group, but you could always try... or else subscribe (it's free, of course).

These are the links I can think of right now. If you have more (not general reviews, only articles where Bible software is applied in a practical way to classroom work), let me know and I'll be glad to add them.


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