Published: November 2nd, 2004

I didn’t mean to stop blogging for a few days, but in fact that’s what I ended up doing. Not to worry! I’m right here; busy, but here. I will now try to give you a quick update on what has been happening this past week.

First of all, October 30 was my birthday :-) , and I got a very nice present: an HP iPAQ Pocket PC. Among other things and niceties, this should boost some of the reviews of Bible software programs for Pocket PC that I am working on. Incidentally, it is quite a delight to be able to surf the Net over a wireless connection. I thought BSR and this weblog looked great on that neat 3.5″ screen, particularly when you have the ability to set it to landscape mode (one of the nice additions of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition). The only problem I had was that the main menu didn’t display at all. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere that I missed, or simply that the IE version of these devices does not handle certain DHTML menus… If you happen to surf with your Pocket PC and have any suggestions to make, do drop me a line.

I have recently finished a major Bible software project I was working on, and hopefully will be starting another one shortly. Sorry I cannot be too specific about it. As I’ve said before, most of the time I am working under some sort of non-disclosure agreement, which means I am not free to give details about who, what, and when. But be as it may, I hope to get some more reviews finished in the meantime. So, keep checking back, ’cause you won’t want to miss that.

This time of year is really hectic for most Bible software companies, as they are doing their best to present their new features and stuff at the annual meetings of ETS and SBL. But it is also a very exciting time, because we will have many things to talk about in the following months. In general terms, I would
venture to say that one of the highlights of this year will probably be the different electronic critical apparatuses made available, although you can never rule out a last-minute surprise.

Among the not-so-good news, I should mention that I’ve had different configuration and incompatibility issues on two Wintel boxes. It got so bad that I had to reinstall everything on one of them, and I may have to do the same with the other one. I am more than tired to see that the most widely used operating system in the world keeps giving me such headaches after so many years. To make things worse, all kinds of viruses, worms, trojans, dialers, and what-have-you are on the loose. I am revisiting the whole issue of turning one of my computers into a Linux box, which I have already used before, but no matter what distro I look at, I can’t help thinking that it is not quite ready yet for prime time. So, I keep being reminded of what is arguably a truism: Mac OS X is the best operating system currently available, hands down.

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