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Read, Read, Read

One of the recurrent questions that gets posted in different email lists, user groups and forums, etc. is "How do I learn/keep up with Greek (or Hebrew)?" B-Greek, of course, is one of such places. But this is also a popular subject with bloggers. Daveblackonline (look for the fourth entry under Wednesday, September 8), and ricoblog are two of the many examples I could point out.

Leaving aside certain differences in matters of detail, there seems to be universal unanimity on the need for daily/regular reading of the original texts. There is absolutely no substitute for that. Reading brings grammar to life and helps build up new vocabulary. And remember, this is an area where Bible software can be particulary helpful, since it offers an easy way to simultaneously read the text, look up any word in a lexicon, search for any other occurrences of the terms in a given body of literature, and see it all in context (among other things). So, whether you have a printed book or a computer screen in front of you, read, read, read. It's worth it!


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