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Team Blogs Anyone?

A recent blog entry by Torrey Seland, in which he opens up the possibility of having other people contribute on a regular basis on his Philo of Alexandria Blog, reminded me of an idea I have been toying with for some time now.

As all bibliobloggers (sorry, can't remember who coined the term...) know, Blogger makes it very easy to set up a "team blog", where more than one person can actually post. I think Torrey's blog is one of the very few where I've seen a co-blogger (Kåre Fuglseth), but theoretically it's a very good idea, and I'm a bit surprised by the fact that this avenue has not been generally explored by the majority of us.

In my particular case, when I launched Bible Software Review and this blog, I was well aware I would have to start all by myself. But that was only meant to be the initial phase. I do hope to get other people involved in the project in due course. But let's face it, it's not easy. I have occasionally approached prospective reviewers, but I haven't seen any lasting fruit yet.

In general, comments like "I'm taking a break", "Blogging will be light for the next...", "I'm too busy at the moment", and others of that nature appear quite frequently in our weblogs. The reason for it is quite simple: Blogging is demanding, and most bloggers are very busy people. We don't do it because we don't have any better things to do. We do what we do because we are convinced that it needs to be done. It is definitely a service, whether large or small, significant or irrelevant, is for others to judge, but a service/ministry nonetheless. I wonder if there could be a place where some of us/you could work synergically. A "team blog" where people from different backgrounds, countries, areas of expertise, and time zones could contribute periodically. This would not mean dropping the current blogs or adding more pressure to the existing workload. Come to think of it, it might help avoid some duplicity, elicit more discussion on certain subjects, increment the number of helpful links and cross-links, appeal to a wider readership, and so on. Utopia or paradigm shift? Probably more the former than the latter at this point in time, but you never know...


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