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Project Watch: Visual Greek System

Mark Goodacre points to this most interesting site. Peter Coad is the developer of this innovative tool, which aims at helping students learn the Greek vocabulary found in Bill Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek. By means of cartoons and a simple color system we are introduced to the most common words used in the Greek New Testament. Visual Greek is a work-in-progress, but the latest PDF (17 MB) can be downloaded here. The author welcomes feedback from readers.

Also, if you happen to be a user of Libronix Digital Library System, you can download a custom-made workspace and visual filter
which includes the Visual Greek Color System. Please note that for the
workspace to work properly, you'll need to have resources from the
Scholar's Library Edition, the Biblical Languages Supplement, and the
BDAG Lexicon. Failing that, the site recommends The Bible Tool
for online reading.
All in all, an excellent resource, with hundreds of mnemonic devices,
that is supposed to be complete later this year. I highly recommend it.
Update (August 6): Eric Weiss left a comment which I reproduce here because of its interest:

Coad's "Visual Greek" system is very similar to J. Lyle Story's and
Cullen I.K. Story's GREEK TO ME system, which has been around for many
years (Story's curriculum teaches all words occurring 25x or more,
though, which nearly doubles the vocabulary that students learn over
the same timeframe if using Mounce's book). For more Info: http://www.geocities.com/dbcgreek/ntgreek/resources.htm
I haven't had access to Story's book (though I've read a lot about it on B-Greek!), but you can check out this page to find out more about the multimedia tutorial and other available resources.



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