AccordIt 2.0

Version 2 of AccordIt, a text processing utility intended for use with Accordance Bible Software has been released. It now runs natively in OS X (but there are also versions for 68K Macs/PCs with Mac emulator, as well as for OS 9), and can access texts formatted for Accordance 6.x. This utility allows users to:

    – display verses from any Bible installed in Accordance
    - edit the text using Accordance fonts and text capabilities
    - copy and paste text into a word processor
    - save text as a text file or RTF file
    - import documents with LaserHebrew or LaserGreek, and convert those fonts to Accordance fonts.

AccordIt can be downloaded here, and the updated AccordIt Guide is found here.


Libronix Personal Book Builder

Logos has launched a self-publishing tool called Personal Book Builder. There are two editions: for private use and standard. It allows users to create Libronix compatible books that integrate seamlessly with the Libronix Digital Library System.

It is meant as a non-commercial tool, and some restrictions apply. For more info, check out the links above. You can also find the PBB Tutorial here.


Think You’ve Seen It All?

I thought my Epson Perfection scanner was doing quite well, until I read this article from Logos!

Amazing book scanner and good reading for those who want to know a little bit more about the actual process of digitizing books.


Light Blogging

As you can see, I have not been blogging much these past few days. No, I’m not on vacation… Problem is that I am extremely busy, and I don’t foresee any dramatic changes in this situation any time soon (i.e., until the end of August).

I’ll do my best to keep up with the most interesting developments in Bible software and related areas, but don’t expect to hear much from me until next month. Thanks for your patience and understanding!