Online Database of NT Manuscripts

Published: July 5th, 2004

A very useful online searchable database has been recently made available by The Stoa Consortium for all those who need to work with New Testament uncials and papyri. You
can read about it here. The actual URL of the search engine is

One of the neat options is the ability to find out manuscripts by location. For instance, I looked for Barcelona (Barcelone, Spain), and discovered that uncials 0252, 0267 and 0298, as well as papyri p64 and p80 are found there. The most obvious use, though, is to search for a
given passage of the New Testament. For instance, I typed John 1:1-18 and the engine immediately returned p66, p75 and 26 majuscules (all of which contained John 1:1-51). All in all, a highly recommendable tool.

Update: I just found out that Mark Goodacre had already blogged about it, but somehow I must have missed it. Anyway, it was only today when I could actually try it and give you my first-hand impression. Sorry for the delay…

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