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New Testament Abstracts on CD-ROM

Over at Philo of Alexandria Blog, Torrey Seland notes the availability of a CD-ROM version of New Testament Abstracts. I visited the site and found out that they expect to ship a new and enlarged 2.0 release (covering 1985-2003) this month of July. I agree with Torrey that this is a very useful tool. I used to have access to it when I lived in Seville, but now that I live in a very small place, that is out of the question. I noticed that under New Testament General there is a section on Computer-Assisted Research. I don't recall seeing that some years back. Anyway, it would be nice to check out what has been written on this subject over the past 18 years or so, but $100.00 for a single-user license is much too expensive right now. I will have to wait to the next time I'm near a good University library. In the meantime, if you do have access to NTA and think there are any articles or books on Computer-Assisted Research that I should consider, please send me the bibliographic reference and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!



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