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More Accordance Releases

OakTree Software has just announced the availability of the following:

Biblical Archaeology Review Archive CD-ROM. Every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review from 1975 to 2003, plus a few books from the Biblical Archaeology Society.

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, by Bruce K. Waltke and Michael Patrick O'Connor. The standard intermediate Hebrew grammar.

Accordance 6.3 - Just a little while after 6.2 hit the streets (see here), users will welcome the new series of enhancements this .1 update has to offer. The three I like the most are the ability to search outside or inside the brackets in Bible texts, the new search feature for Tools, which allows one to look for up to 5 different fields simultaneously (combining the three basic boolean operators AND, OR, NOT) in the same Tool window, and the fact that Search All now searches all the fields in each tool selected. One final comment I'd like to make is that the new complete User's Guide for 6.3 (278 pages!) can be downloaded for free. This allows anyone, not just Accordance users, to get a very detailed overview of all the program features. I would encourage other Bible software vendors to make their manuals available for download as well. This would be extremely helpful for potential customers.


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