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Blogger for Internet Explorer Only?

Blogger is nice, and it keeps adding new features to make our blogging life easier. However, I have a major complaint: the support for other browsers (read all Internet Explorer competitors) is really substandard. I have had compatibility issues with Opera (Windows), Safari (Mac), and even IE for Macintosh. Trying to blog with any of these browsers is quite a feat. Forget about any fancy features (you have to do almost everything by hand). And after every Blogger update, the situation seems to get worse.

I'm not trying to start a "browser war" ;-) it's a proven fact by now that IE is one of the worst browsers available. I simply want to be able to choose which browser I use, and which platform I run it on. I hope the people at Blogger will make an effort to correct this state of affairs soon. Believe it or not, there are a good number of folks (bless their hearts!) who do not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Windows, and they deserve some respect and attention. Thank you very much.


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