Use of Blogs in Theology and Biblical Studies

Published: June 9th, 2004

This may be considered off-topic by some, but since this blog falls into the general category of Biblical Studies, and given the fact that I am the blogger, and I decide what’s on-topic and what is not ;-), here it goes.

Jim West, over at Biblical Theology comments on a new blog called U of London Bachelor of Divinity: Davide’s Notes.

Apparently it was started recently (April 20) by Davide, a BD student at the University of London. He sums up the purpose of his blog with the following sentence: “This blog is meant to jot down notes on theology and various reflections related to my Bachelor of Divinity studies. Expect no coherence, no originality, no spectacular insights,
and so on.” Bravo, Davide! I commend you for taking the trouble to blog on your studies. I think this is one of the great things about weblogs, and something sorely missed by people who embark on non-residential courses. The University of London External Programme,
with which I am well acquainted, offers an excellent Bachelor of Divinity syllabus (IMHO it was even better when Greek was compulsory!).

I’ve been very pleased to learn about Davide’s interests, and how he is
debating with himself (and his readers!), what subjects he should sit next academic year. I take it that he’s just completed Intertestamental Studies and Philosophy of Religion this year. I wish him well, and humbly suggest that he consider taking New Testament with Greek Texts (rather than English)… Sorry, couldn’t resist!

In conclusion, I think blogs like this one are a very interesting development in the field of Biblical Studies. Up until fairly recently, external students enrolled at the University of London, particularly those living outside Great Britain, did not have much chance to exchange opinions, share news and links, and encourage and be encouraged by fellow students. Now all that has changed. Maybe not everybody is aware yet, but the fact is that the Internet has
potentially revolutionize the way we learn, study and live. But you know that already. That’s why you are reading this blog… My goodness, I’m preaching to the choir again!

(…a few minutes later…) Oops! I must have missed a more recent post where Davide says he’s changed his mind and finally decided to take Greek and Hebrew. Good for him!

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