Jerusalem Virtual Tour and More

Published: June 29th, 2004

One of the fascinating things about the Internet is that you can travel anywhere in the world without even taking a plane. This is also true of the Land of the Bible. In fact, there are many good sites with photographic tours of different parts of Israel, but I’d like to mention the Biblical Excursion in Jerusalem and Its Environs available at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum of Jerusalem. I find the pictures and comments to be of a consistently excellent quality. This is just a sample of the panoramic views that you can enjoy (NB. Click to enlarge the photo and then scroll to the right). The same itinerary is available in Spanish and Italian. Apparently, more material on the Holy Land and the Biblical World (Jordan being already online) will be made available in due course. Take a look if you can!

I also recommend you follow the link to the Madaba Mosaic Map and embark on the virtual travel through the Holy Places. The sharp reader will realize that the site makes extensive use of the Accordance Bible Atlas. There’s a lot of great stuff there for your browsing pleasure, as well as for your research and study needs.

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