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Data Creation Fund

Logos Bible Software has set up a $100,000 Data Creation Fund. According to the official announcement, made just yesterday, "Logos wants to promote the development of databases that facilitate Bible study and scholarly research in biblical languages. The fund is designed to encourage new projects designed specifically for electronic delivery and to accelerate the development of projects already underway." Among the potential projects that could take advantage of this Fund, the following are mentioned explicitly:

- Morphological or syntactic analysis of ancient texts.
- Revision of classic reference works.
- Linguistic analysis of texts.
- Electronic transcription of previously unavailable texts.
- New interlinear translations of ancient texts.
- Genre or topic indexing of primary texts.
- Alignments of ancient texts and modern translations.
- New indices, collations, or bibliographies of specialized data.

This is certainly good news. For more general info, submission of proposals, etc., check out their website.


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