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Published: June 14th, 2004

What you see now is the new look of the Bible Software Review Weblog. You may have to press the Reload button in order to see it properly. For some reason (guess why…) it only displays as originally intended when I use Internet Explorer. However, it looks good on other browsers too, like Safari and Opera. I wish I had more time (or, better yet, a web designer with some spare time, and willing to help me out - hint, hint…) to work on that, but right now that is a luxury I cannot afford. There is still some tweaking to be done (e.g., the profile is not working well), but that should be easy to implement. BTW, the blog is best viewed at a screen
resolution of 1024 x 768 or above and UTF-8, but works fine at 800 x 600 too. As always, your comments are appreciated, although given the wide range of browsers and OSes, I cannot promise everything will look exactly the way you’d like.

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