Jerusalem Virtual Tour and More

One of the fascinating things about the Internet is that you can travel anywhere in the world without even taking a plane. This is also true of the Land of the Bible. In fact, there are many good sites with photographic tours of different parts of Israel, but I’d like to mention the Biblical Excursion in Jerusalem and Its Environs available at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum of Jerusalem. I find the pictures and comments to be of a consistently excellent quality. This is just a sample of the panoramic views that you can enjoy (NB. Click to enlarge the photo and then scroll to the right). The same itinerary is available in Spanish and Italian. Apparently, more material on the Holy Land and the Biblical World (Jordan being already online) will be made available in due course. Take a look if you can!

I also recommend you follow the link to the Madaba Mosaic Map and embark on the virtual travel through the Holy Places. The sharp reader will realize that the site makes extensive use of the Accordance Bible Atlas. There’s a lot of great stuff there for your browsing pleasure, as well as for your research and study needs.


New Version of MacSword

MacSword 1.1 has been released. An earlier version of this open-source application, specifically developed for Mac OS X, was reviewed here recently. This is a partial list with some of the newly added features and enhancements:

– Support for general books
- Faster searching
- Support for search ranges
- Bookmark highlighting
- Regular expression search results are now highlighted
- Left to right text supported


CBA International 2004

The 55th Annual CBA International Meeting will take place June 26 – July 1, 2004 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA, USA. Most major Bible software companies will be exhibiting their latest products there.


Browser Compatibility

I’m utterly dismayed at the fact that different browsers handle the same HTML code in widely different ways. It’s very disheartening to see that you spend time trying to displays pages nicely, only to find out that IE does it one way, Opera another way, and Safari still another way (among others I could mention). Couldn’t we have a REAL standard, for goodness sake!?

My Browser Share statistics show that over 50% of all visitors use Internet Explorer, but there are many others who prefer to use other browsers (and I don’t blame them…). I promise I don’t code pages with the “best viewed with IE” tag in mind. It just happens that many times the only browser that displays pages exactly as I intended is IE. It is very unfortunate, for instance, that for some pages you get an awful running right margin in Opera or Safari (but it looks fine with Internet Explorer!). I gladly admit my coding limitations, and if anyone can enlighten me on how to fix this glitch I’ll be most grateful. But, at the same time, I openly confess that I’m sick and tired of having to spend so much time taking care of these little things that make one’s site look unprofessional, rather than focusing on the really important issues. Wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier? Come on then!


Data Creation Fund

Logos Bible Software has set up a $100,000 Data Creation Fund. According to the official announcement, made just yesterday, “Logos wants to promote the development of databases that facilitate Bible study and scholarly research in biblical languages. The fund is designed to encourage new projects designed specifically for electronic delivery and to accelerate the development of projects already underway.” Among the potential projects that could take advantage of this Fund, the following are mentioned explicitly:

- Morphological or syntactic analysis of ancient texts.
- Revision of classic reference works.
- Linguistic analysis of texts.
- Electronic transcription of previously unavailable texts.
- New interlinear translations of ancient texts.
- Genre or topic indexing of primary texts.
- Alignments of ancient texts and modern translations.
- New indices, collations, or bibliographies of specialized data.

This is certainly good news. For more general info, submission of proposals, etc., check out their website.