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Simple Parallel Bible

This is how the website itself describes it:

The Simple Parallel Bible is a search and lookup tool that can be easily added to any PHP/MySQL website. It lets you link to multiple passages, in parallel (for side-by-side comparison) or in a list, with a single link, without leaving your website.

This can be very useful, and you don't even need to host the database locally. If you want to write a passage on your site, simply point to the external link. For instance, to open John 1:1-18 you would write this code: http://jesus.com.au/demo/bible/index.php?q=john+1.1-18. The result would be John 1:1-18. But there's more. You could also point your readers to a parallel passage, like The Parable of Salt (pericope #218 in Aland's Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum, 15th ed.) -- a list view of the same passage would look like this -- or to a Bible search for verses in the New Testament than contain the term forgiven (in this particular case it will also match "forgiveness"). Please note that the only version currently available is the World English Bible, nevertheless, it can be a useful tool.


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