Published: May 7th, 2004

Jim Davila links to a BPNews article on Bible proofreaders and states: “Well, someone has to do it.”

That brings to mind the vital role of proofreading digital Bibles too! I have occasionally done it as part of the beta testing process, and it is a very hard and meticulous job. Many companies are trying to digitize as many Bibles and tools as possible, as fast as possible, and as cheap as possible. This means we have more material available, but
not necessarily in as good a shape as we should expect it to be. I’m afraid some religious publishers are cutting down on proofreading, and the same applies to a number of Bible software companies.

The way a printed work becomes an electronic book is quite involved. Typos creep in at different stages of the process (OCR, keying in data, tagging, running automated scripts, etc.) It may even be that the original work has typos to start with! Whatever the case, the fact is that many of the databases aren’t “clean” enough for public
consumption. To my mind, there is clearly a need to take more care when it comes to publishing electronic texts. There is no place for an “anything goes”, sloppy attitude, and given the fact that these databases are easily recompiled, I’d like to see a widespread policy of “fixing typos ASAP”, and not just the “when the next version is
released” kind of thing. It is also true that many self-publishing tools are available, and, as a result of that, typos are spreading exponentially. This makes even more urgent, IMO, the need to apply a strict quality-control on the databases included in the commercial Bible software packages.

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