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Javascript Applets

Further to my entry on the Simple Parallel Bible, I found this morning that Sean Boisen of Blogos includes a post about another useful tool that can be easily added to any website. By means of little scripts called favelets you can perform Bible word searches, passage searches, dictionary searches or whatever you like. Here is a short summary of how it works (but read the whole article!):

Favelets are applets (mini applications) in javascript that run from the Favorites list in Internet Explorer: Favorites + applets = favelets. They're cool because they add functionality to your browser environment, which (let's face it) is where most of the action is these days.(...)

Because of the New Testament Names project, i'm a regular user of the word search features on the ESV website, as i look up some semi-obscure name to learn and record information about it (like Ephraim, which i initially mistook for a reference to the OT figure of the same name). But i got tired of finding the page, typing in the word, using the pull-down to select New Testament only, select just whole word matching .... click click click click click!

Favelets to the rescue! Here's how it works:

  • Drag (don't click) this link to the Links section of your browsers toolbar. It will complain that it might not be safe: you'll have to decide if you trust me :-)
  • ESV NT word search
  • Select (highlight) a word in your browser that you want to look up (like this one: content)
  • Click on the favelet
  • A new browser window will open up, with the URL constructed to do a search on that word in the New Testament only, whole word matching, text only.

I have tried it myself and it works fine. Nice tip, Sean!


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