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Tim Bulkeley left a couple of comments (here and here) over the weekend, and that's how I got to know about his weblog. It is called SansBlogue, and he defines it thus: "A sort of non-blog [sans blogue = no blog] to explore blogging. I am serious [sans blague = I'm not joking] about wanting to learn blogging, because I think the project needs one." The project he refers to, of course, is the Hypertext Bible Commentary & Encyclopaedia project, which I have noted before. It is by no means a daily blog, but it may be interesting to keep an eye on it as the Postmodern Bible Commentary project develops. Welcome to the blogsphere, Tim!

Danny Zacharias over at deinde blogs about e-Sword and says: "It's always nice when you can find a decent application that is free. E-Sword is a free bible study program that is especially useful for pastors and lay people, with a very nice interface. If your looking for good bible study software that is not too technical check out the free E-Sword." I would just add that the program is more than decent. I think it's outstanding, and we will review it here in due course.


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