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Bible Translation Takes Advantage of Bible Software

I read the following in the Front Matter of the new Holman Christian Standard Bible:

Advances in computer technology have opened a new door for Bible translation. The HCSB® has used computer technology and telecommunications in its creation perhaps more than any Bible translation in history. Electronic mail was used daily and sometimes hourly for communication and transmission of manuscripts. The most advanced Bible software available has been used to create and review the translation at each step in its production. A developmental copy of the HCSB® itself was used within this software program to facilitate cross-checking during the translation process -- something never done before with a Bible translation.

Please note that I am not endorsing this particular Bible, since I have not used it yet. However, I thought that the reference to Bible software was interesting and fit for this blog. The publishers seem to be reluctant to mention the name of the specific software application used, which I think is wrong. I will not reveal it just yet, maybe one of these days... ;-)


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