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The Man and the Mind Behind the Numbers

I have always marveled at the work of James H. Strong (1822-1894), well-known author of the Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. I think he was a true forerunner of electronic Bible concordances. Sean Boisen has a nice piece about him at Blogos, called James Strong, IT Heavyweight. I recommend it. Here is a brief excerpt:

The author of Strong's Exhaustive Concordance was serious about data long before anybody had conceived of Information Technology as an occupation. My print version of Strong's has 1390 pages of small font, three-column excerpts from Bible verses, indexed by each and every single word in the King James Version. Even function words like "the" are included, though they're presented in a compressed format that just references the verse (10 pages for "the" in an 18-column format!). (...) i've been impressed at Strong's intuitive grasp of the value of structured data, even though in a pre-computer era he could only express it via typography.

Apart from being omnipresent in just about every Bible software program, you can find a complete online version (KJV with Strong's numbers and Greek and Hebrew dictionaries) here. Note that the New Testament includes the unaccented Textus Receptus as well.


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