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Project Watch: The Fairhaven Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible

Logos has announced the creation of a new publishing imprint: Fairhaven Bible Reference Series. The first title to appear under this imprint will be a brand new Hebrew-English interlinear Bible. This work has been commissioned by Logos and is being developed exclusively for Logos Bible Software Series X. Looks like a major project, and is the clear sign of a new direction for the company. You can read the full press release or find more details and screenshots here. Here are some brief excerpts describing the project:

The first new Hebrew-English interlinear Bible to be published in 17 years is being created by a team of the world's top Hebrew scholars specifically for Logos Bible Software Series X (...) The Fairhaven Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible is a new breed of interlinear, designed for electronic reference and based on the latest linguistic research. Rather than present a single gloss for each Hebrew word, it will take advantage of the digital medium and offer multiple layers of English glosses that reflect the complexity of biblical Hebrew language structure. The goal of this "grid" approach is to provide interlinear translations at the lexical, word, phrase and clause level, as well as a wide range of annotations (...) The Fairhaven Bible Reference Series imprint will be placed on select titles as they are created, and a few existing titles will be added to the series. All titles published under the imprint will be commissioned by Logos and scholarly in nature.

Update (July 15): This product is now offered as a Pre-publication Special. Additional information (including a screenshot of an early prototype) can be found here.


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