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Greek and Hebrew Unicode

Both Jim Davila on PaleoJudaica.com and Mark Goodacre on NT Gateway Weblog comment on the latest Tyndale Tech Emails by David Instone-Brewer. His notes on the use of Greek and Hebrew Unicode fonts for both Mac and PC are worth checking out. Jim Davila aptly points out that Macs seem to be lagging behind on the whole issue of Unicode (although Mac OS X renders it beautifully), and I share his disappointment. However, my own experience is that many of the Greek and Hebrew Unicode fonts I've used on my PC leave a lot to be desired in comparison with similar True Type fonts. Perhaps it's just me! Anyway, I guess we'll see an increase in use and some dramatic improvements as Unicode becomes a de facto standard.

UPDATE (April 24): There have been some misunderstandings about Unicode and Mac OS X. I did say that Unicode fonts are rendered "beautifully", and I had Apple's Safari (the web browser) in mind. I still think that Macs lag behind as far as Unicode goes, but that does not mean that it cannot handle it. Furthermore, the problems and shortcomings are due to certain programs (i.e., Internet Explorer, Word...), and not to the OS as such. Hope this makes things a little clearer. If you have the right word processor you should be okay. Of course, "right" means different things to different people ;-)

For more info, see what Paul Nikkel has to say in his entry Mac OS and unicode fonts on deinde.


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