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Email service down

My email account rubeng (at) infotelecom (dot) es is unable to receive or send any messages since last Thursday afternoon, and I'm afraid it will be rather difficult to fix this problem over the long Easter weekend. If you have sent anything to that address in the last couple of days or so, there is a good chance it will never reach me, or else be greatly delayed. Please try this one instead: rgomezp (at) wanadoo (dot) es ([Ed.] No longer available -- (naturally without the spaces and using @ and .) Sorry for the inconvenience!

Meanwhile, I'll take this opportunity to answer a couple of recent emails. I hope my correspondents won't mind, since there is nothing too personal about them. In fact they may be of interest to other readers of this weblog.

Glen McCluskey tells me that "the archives are not viewable with the Mozilla 1.3.1 browser, I think because the names lack the '.htm' or '.html' extension." Well, this is the first time I hear about someone having problems trying to access the blog's archives. On my end there is nothing I can do about it, since the archives are generated automatically. I wonder if anyone else using that particular browser could enlighten us as to the nature of the problem. Ideas are welcome!

Gene Thomas, a seasoned user of Bible Companion Series who admits to feeling sad at its demise (I'm pretty sure he is not the only one), writes, "I have been doing research to determine what to replace it with and been looking for reviews that compare Quickverse, PC Study Bible, and Logos Series X. I noticed you do not include reviews of these yet. Do you know any reviews that compare the top packages from each?" Quite honestly I do not. I am aware of a comparative review of Accordance, BibleWorks and Logos here, as for my website, it will be including reviews of the programs you mention, but not just yet.


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