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Hardware Again...

Computers can be a wonderful help... when they work properly. I am still having some hardware problems, as a result of which I am being delayed in my work. Given the fact that I am usually working under some sort of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I cannot give you details about what I am currently doing (hint: it's got to do with Bible software ;-)), but the point is that these problems are a real pain in the neck. Have you ever felt frustrated by the fact that your hardware or software (or both!) have let you down? No platform is perfect, to be sure, but PCsand Windows have become a constant source of headaches. Never had a single problem with my Macs, though they do have them (so I'm told). One of these days I'll take the plunge and install Linux on one of my PCs. Okay, okay, you probably couldn't care less about my woes, but hey, the truth is that I feel much better now...


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