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Published: February 25th, 2004

One week ago I added a free counter and statistics tracker from Site Meter. It is now set up so that visitors cannot access any of the site reports and charts, but I can assure you that it offers some interesting data. Let me say, right from the start, that I am very pleased by the number of people who drop by. We are not too far from 500 visits in just one week! And that’s not counting the first few days after the web was launched, when I received lots of emails but the counter had not been implemented yet. Besides, I have only placed the tracker in two of the pages so far (home page and weblog). So I’m pretty sure that that figure is in fact a rather conservative estimate. Needless to say how thankful I am to all of you for making this possible. It only comes to show that there really was a need for this kind of endeavor.

Looking at the OS chart I found the following (presumably from today’s traffic):

OS chart.gif

As you can see, most operating systems are represented. However, I am a bit intrigued by the “Unknown 1%”. What system could that be? Would you please stand up? (just kidding, of course).

Well, I want to thank my fellow bloggers (bless them) for kindly placing a few links that point to this weblog and its associated website, and also Google, for the fact that you can type “Bible software review” and the very first hits you will get are, guess what, our website and weblog!

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