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Updating Website

Now that the hardware part seems to have been taken care of, things will gradually get back to normal (I hope!).

Today we start a new section with interviews with key people from the Bible software industry. I have sent them a survey, and the first replies are already coming in. Ivan Jurik is the first of what will hopefully be a rather long list. More should be posted in the next few days. There is now a handy "What's new" area where all updates will be duly recorded. I'm glad things are taking shape, and would remind you that I am open to your suggestions.

Giuseppe Regalzi, a correspondent from Italy, has brought to my attention that the site doesn't display very well at all at 800 x 600. I promise I will revisit this issue as soon as I can, but for the time being my plate is too full. If there is a real demand for it, I'll do my best to care for those visitors who use lower resolutions. I wouldn't want anyone to miss the opportunity to join us! Meanwhile, I have set the blog to use slightly smaller font sizes. This should help some of you.


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