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Trackback System Added

Thanks to Haloscan, my blog now has a trackback system. According to Wikipedia, trackback is:

... a system implemented by Movable Type that alerts and allows a blogger to see who has blogged about posts on his or her blog. The system works by sending a ping between the blogs, and therefore providing the alert.

In other words, a whole network of related links can be built up in the twinkling of an eye by using this feature. It works this way: If you have a blog and write an entry relating to something I have written here, "ping" my trackback. I will do the same if you have this system implemented, and every reader will be able to see at a glance who links to who and what refers to what. Make sense? Please try it! It will allow this blog to be even more interactive and (hopefully!) useful. Also, don't be shy and use the Comment feature to your heart's content. Thanks!

[Ed.] With the recent move to Movable Type, this feature is now fully integrated in the blog itself, and therefore I have stopped using Haloscan.


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