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Menu Placeholders

I have received a number of emails to the effect that the main menu at the top of the home page doesn't seem to work properly. Let me make clear that it IS working as expected, and that there is nothing wrong with your browser if you happen to click on a menu item and nothing happens. Some items are not "clickable" yet. They are just placeholders, and will become active hyperlinks once the page or section they point to becomes available. It is not "vapor-web"; what you see there - more or less - is going to be posted at some point in time, God willing. I hope it will be sooner than later, but people are busy (and that includes me ;-)) and it will take some time for things to settle a bit. Thanks again for your patience and interest.

[Ed.] Naturally, you won't see any placeholders now, since the site has been completely revamped.


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