New Add-ons for PC Study Bible

Users of PC Study Bible from BibleSoft will surely welcome two new additions to the growing library of available works: the 3-Volume New Testament Dictionary Collection, which includes some of IVP’s best selling and most renowned dictionaries (Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, Dictionary of Paul and His Letters, and Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments), and Kittel’s landmark reference work Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (unabridged 10 volume set). A lighter, abridged version of TDNT (known as “Little Kittel”) is also available. Note that these add-ons only work with version 4.


New Release of LDLS

The RC (release candidate) version of the new Libronix Digital Library System 2.1 is available for downloading. Full details of what’s new can be found here. General performance improvements and bug fixes aside, there is a new power tool called “Fuzzy Search”, which means you can type a string of words and the search engine will attempt to predict which terms are relevant (quite handy when you can’t remember the exact phrase, or when you are unsure about the spelling), even though the exact terms searched for may not appear at all in the text. Worthy of mention is also the Compare Pericopes report, which allows you to compare sets of pericopes from different Bible versions.


Menu Placeholders

I have received a number of emails to the effect that the main menu at the top of the home page doesn’t seem to work properly. Let me make clear that it IS working as expected, and that there is nothing wrong with your browser if you happen to click on a menu item and nothing happens. Some items are not “clickable” yet. They are just placeholders, and will become active hyperlinks once the page or section they point to becomes available. It is not “vapor-web”; what you see there – more or less – is going to be posted at some point in time, God willing. I hope it will be sooner than later, but people are busy (and that includes me ;-)) and it will take some time for things to settle a bit. Thanks again for your patience and interest.

[Ed.] Naturally, you won’t see any placeholders now, since the site has been completely revamped.


Web Traffic

One week ago I added a free counter and statistics tracker from Site Meter. It is now set up so that visitors cannot access any of the site reports and charts, but I can assure you that it offers some interesting data. Let me say, right from the start, that I am very pleased by the number of people who drop by. We are not too far from 500 visits in just one week! And that’s not counting the first few days after the web was launched, when I received lots of emails but the counter had not been implemented yet. Besides, I have only placed the tracker in two of the pages so far (home page and weblog). So I’m pretty sure that that figure is in fact a rather conservative estimate. Needless to say how thankful I am to all of you for making this possible. It only comes to show that there really was a need for this kind of endeavor.

Looking at the OS chart I found the following (presumably from today’s traffic):

OS chart.gif

As you can see, most operating systems are represented. However, I am a bit intrigued by the “Unknown 1%”. What system could that be? Would you please stand up? (just kidding, of course).

Well, I want to thank my fellow bloggers (bless them) for kindly placing a few links that point to this weblog and its associated website, and also Google, for the fact that you can type “Bible software review” and the very first hits you will get are, guess what, our website and weblog!