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Bible Software Review and its associated weblog were originally launched on February 7, 2004. I am the Founder and Content Editor, but the project is open to other people who contribute news, links, articles, reviews, etc. This is a purely voluntary effort which tries to serve a wide readership of Bible software users.

I am always looking for new contributors in different areas, so if you feel you'd like to participate, use the contact form below to let me know. (Note than all fields are required)

The website as such is not affiliated with any particular software company or group, and the opinions expressed are only those of the authors (therefore not necessarily endorsed by Bible Software Review).

While every care is taken to make sure the information given in these pages is fully accurate, all the contents presented are offered on an "as is" basis. I do not assume any responsibility for any damage they may cause to your computer or its content. This site is "physically" hosted in Spain, but the official language is English. Occasionally, other languages may be used where English materials are not available and/or there are better alternatives.

So, enjoy yourself and feel free to voice your opinion through the various means we've made available.

If you want to know more about me and the vision for this site you would probably do well to read this interview.

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